Sailor Seeks

So just how do you find a suitable means of transport in a foreign land? You could do as I did before showing up. You could trade in precious tea drinking, pipe smoking hours for something much more hazardous – searching the online classifieds.

Total waste of time.

Really, a man wants to buy a horse he should hang out with mule skinners, right? Maybe go to a bar, drink some whiskey. Talk bloodlines, draft, pack saddles and picketing. See where things lead. Not plop down on the couch with the laptop typing up Advanced Searches like “Mule Tasmania”. Internet’s fine for checking email but for horse shopping it’s, well, sort of lame. Search engine performance should be about how long it takes your mule to break into that feed sack you’ve got lashed to the back of your wagon, not your network connection speed.

In the end I just booked a flight to Tasmania -figured I’d just start looking when I arrived there.

Flash forward to Cygnet, Tasmania, just outside Hobart. Today I visited the library where the librarian, when I told her what I was looking for, handed me a pen and a piece of paper. “Here, write a sign” she suggested “and post it over at the Red Velvet Lounge”.

Now we’re talking.

In a hurry, because it was rainy outside and my borrowed bike unseaworthy, I put ink to sheet and created an ad simple enough to catch the eye across a southern hemisphere pub.




Followed by my details.

A suitable sign

Then I trudged across the street to the Red Velvet Lounge and enjoyed a pot of tea. After which I posted my handiwork on the community billboard. There it enjoys pride of place among the dance lesson sign (“Attention Mature Dancers….”) and the TasPride Festival (“Tasmania’s Celebration for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersex, Transgender and Queer Community and their Family and Friends”).

Mission accomplished I hopped onto my borrowed bike and pedaled back to headquarters in the rain. That’s more like it.

2010-11-14 19:39:52

hey just watch the dance lessons ,you might get hung up on em

Al Privette
2010-11-23 18:51:50

I’ve been looking for a place where I could express myself. Maybe you’ve found it there?


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