Scenes From a Grayson Highlands Mule Camp

I recently wrote of catching up with Badger, the Baron, Jimmy Dean and Sleeper at the Scales camp on the Virginia Highland Horse Trail. They taught me how to speak AT lingo. Here are some more photos from that gathering you’ll enjoy.

Jimmy Dean and the Sage (their AT trail names) hanging with Cracker (aka Crab Man)
Cracker enjoying a drop-in visit (Scales camp, Virginia Highlands Horse Trail)
Mile2Go: He’s hiking sections of the AT and works in tech in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Mile2Go with me and Sits a Lot. Mile2Go set up a Trail Magic tent to supply AT hikers with what they needed, from cold water and Band Aids to energy bars and charges for their phones. Mile2Go is originally from India and I was fascinated by his story of how he came to this country. I wish you all the best Mile2Go and look forward to hearing from up the road.
RJ’s posse
RJ said, “I sure as hell hope it doesn’t rain. I paid ten dollars for this hat. It’s made of Pabst Blue Ribbon labels and don’t want it to melt.”
My rambling gear
Brick staked out on one of the highest meadows in Virginia
Iris from Switzerland. A gruess vom wald, Iris!
Two degrees of separation. Bonnie and Clyde (their trail names) came over to me and said, “There’s a gal over here that knows you.” I walked over to her and she said, “Hi! I’m Elizabeth. Kip Roten is my dad. He built a table out of that chestnut board you gave him.” It was true and I was thrilled. What a lovely surprise to meet up with you Elizabeth! Say howdy to Kip from the mules and me.

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