Sea Garden to Vegetable Garden

Shell and tomato leaf: along with plant matter, seaweed mulch contains rocks, fish bones and sea shells, like this one at the base of a tomato plant.(Outside Hobart,Tasmania)

Think “garden mulch” and usually, we’re talking ground leaves, wood chips, bark or, if you’re around Southern Pines, North Carolina and feeling flush, pine straw.

But seaweed? It’s not something we see lots of back in Carolina.

Not so in Tasmania.

Outside Hobart, I recently visited a garden that featured seaweed mulch around the tomatoes. Crispy and black, it surrounded the plants in a crunchy mat that, if you looked closely, included the odd shell and fish bone. What I enjoyed most was hearing the gardener, an avid waterman, describe this link between the sea garden and his vegetable garden.

To have a listen, click on the player below…

2010-11-15 01:39:58

Got your link from Bob the Wagonteamster and came on over while he’s taking his break.

Just wanted to let you know that someone from Morrisville, NC is keepin’ tabs on ya!(and just in case you’re wonderin’- I really can’t stand pine straw!)

Safe travels!


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