She Tracked me Down

I married Julia in February. By April I was gone. 4 months later she found me.

My route after the wedding (Google Maps)
February 23, 2019: getting married at the town dock in Oriental, North Carolina. Officiating is our dear friend Keith Smith of Standing behind me, my brother Christian.
April 6, 2019: starting our North Carolina to Idaho ride. As of this writing (August 8) mule Brick and Cracker and I have traveled over 1,400 miles. Yep, the top hat I got married with is still with us. (Caldwell County, NC)

She Lets me Go

Sometimes when I ramble, Julia joins me.

Last fall Julia and I rode from our farm in western North Carolina to Virginia and back. I documented the journey in the Ride out the Front Gate section of Julia wrote of her experience on her Saddle Under the Stars blog.

Julia has sat out my present trip. She writes about her decision to stay here in Not Going This Time.

Still, we’re man and wife. Sure we catch up on the phone a few times per week. But there’s a danger in being physically apart too long. We’ve talked about this. About how, if two people who live apart stay apart too long, the divide can turn in to a chasm, no matter how many letters you write, no matter how often you call home.

At some point, bodies need hugging and lips need kissing. Eyes need looking in to and hands need to be held.

Which is why this week Julia flew out west to find me.

Catching Up

Julia found me in Hyannis, Nebraska. She arrived Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning we were headed out looking for bulls. Looking for bulls with 2 cowboys who didn’t mind if we tagged along.

This is the beauty of allowing serendipity (aka, where the hell are Julia and I going to stay for a week?) in to your life.

Doctoring on the range (north of Hyannis, Nebraska)

Tomorrow’s post explains how our search for a place to stay was the magic sauce that opened experiences we could have never pre-planned.


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