Signs of Rot – Southern Pines, NC

It started innocently enough as it usually does. It was a fine day, a bit rainy, and I decided that I should introduce Woody, Maggie, Jack and Bill to my new wagon.

The (soon to be) last supper (Southern Pines, NC)

I scattered some buckets out, doled feed into each and my mounts dug in. In the idle moments I looked closer at my wagon.

“Funny” I thought to myself, “that corner looks wet.” When I stepped closer it was indeed damp. Rotten damp.

“Geez, that left corner looks dodgy.”

Spurred by idle time, I grabbed a hammer and pried loose a few boards for a closer look. Then a few more…

“No, still don’t see the leak. Let’s take a little more.”

Signs of trouble (Note the yellow Sawsall on the floor. That’s never a good sign…)





And yes, before I knew it, my home on wheels was gone.

“Now what?” I thought as I gathered up my feed buckets and put the mules away.



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