Signs of the Lost Sea

There’s no sign marking where the Lost Sea starts and stops. There sure are a bunch out here though……

You’ve got your sea signs and you’ve got your Lost Sea signs.

Cat’s paw
500 miles off Africa

A few years ago, while sailing alone around the world on my sailboat Sea Bird, I was surrounded by sea signs. A cat’s paw heading my way on a calm day heralded a puff of wind’s arrival. In reefy anchorages, light-colored water signaled shallow water. (For film footage of this and other sailing footage, check out the “65 Days at Sea” DVD preview.)

Sea Bird anchored in shallow water (light blue) off the beach
St Thomas, USVI

Out here traveling across the Lost Sea in my mule wagon though, the signs are more direct. The following are a few of my favorites.

Outside Hulett, Wyoming

No Sir, wasn’t even thinking about it…

Hulett, Wyoming

Funny how runaways love company. I ran across this sign in Hulett, Wyoming a few days after Polly ran away……

Beach, North Dakota

I used to worry about my Carbon footprint. Now it’s the Carbohydrate footprint that I have to reduce

Between Hill City and Rapid City, South Dakota

Mule owners have always suspected there was something funny about the space between those ears. Now they now what it’s called – and just how close it is.

South of Caputa, SD

Mr.Space Man, don’t even think of parking in this pasture….

Enjoy the signs around you.


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