Sought: Ride for 2 Mules from Idaho to North Carolina.

Mules Brick and Cracker and I have ridden from North Carolina to Idaho. Now it’s time to go home. Do you know anybody that could haul 2 mules from Idaho back to North Carolina? Yes, of course I’ll throw in for expenses.

Our final day on the road: Cracker and Brick spent 6 months riding from North Carolina to Idaho. Now it’s time to go home. (Sheila Lieramann photo / Hailey, Idaho)
Where we need to get: Hailey, Idaho to Lenoir, NC.


  • Where to Where: Hailey, Idaho (east of Boise) to Lenoir, North Carolina (1 1/2 hour from Asheville)
  • When: leaving Idaho for North Carolina between late October or early November 2019

Even part of the way would be a good start (ex: Idaho to Kentucky). I could make the trip in stages if need be.

About me and What I Can Offer

In the parlance of the personal ads, I’m a MGNSLDTDCOTTM (Married Guy Non-Smoker Light Drinker That Doesn’t Cuss or Talk Too Much).

I’d be glad to:

  • pitch in $ for fuel, junk food, coffee, lottery tickets, etc
  • do a share of the driving.
  • talk if that’s what it takes to keep you awake
  • sleep if you want to drive in peace
I’d be happy to pitch in with driving. Yes, my wife Julia trusts me to haul her Haflinger Pickle. No, I won’t embarrass you by wearing my top hat. Or maybe I will.

About Brick and Cracker

Brick and Cracker are easy going shippers. They handle, load and ride with minimum fuss.

They are current on:

  • Health certificates
  • Coggins
  • Vaccinations

Headin’ North Carolina-way?

Soooo…got any ideas? Know anybody heading from Idaho toward North Carolina way with 2 open spots in their trailer? Got a friend heading East with an empty horse trailer to pick up a load of horses to bring West?

If so, just leave me a comment in the Comment Section (below) or drop me an email. Even if you don’t have a ride for us, you can still help by spreading the word to your friends.

Or you can spread the word by using the social media links (Facebook, etc) below.



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Felix Bowie
Felix Bowie
4 years ago

Came across WY & NE around the middle of August. Think it was you I saw, honked and waved. Job well done.

4 years ago

I’m leaving Trinidad Colorado Friday or Saturday this week headed to West Virginia with a empty 3 horse to finish moving my house hold stuff to Colorado.

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