South East Cape – The Farthest South You Can Go In Tasmania

South East Cape, Tasmania

Recently, to get a better sense of what Tasmania’s southern coast looks like, I biked to Catamaran on the southern coast. There, I picketed my bike (you can tell I miss my mules because most people just refer to parking their bike) and hoofed it cross-country to the shore of the Southern Ocean.

WIthout getting all geographic on you, South East Cape is the the southern-most cape in Australia. Along with Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope, it is one of the world’s Great Capes. And it’s way down south – about 43 degrees. That’s lower than the Cape of Good Hope. And it’s way windy.

This far south, aside from the southern tip of South America, there’s nothing to stop the wind from blowing non stop all the way around the world. That means waves have thousands of miles to grow to enormous heights. Recently, a weather buoy measured a swell over 70 feet tall.

On the day I visited, the mood was calm. Powerful but calm. Sort of like a dark cloud that has just thundered. Brooding. I aim to write more on this fascinating piece of coast in the future. But for now, enjoy a few photos of the scene.


Rocks and twig

Lone Bush

Gary and Beryl
2010-12-09 14:46:43

I crayfished dowm around the Capes out to Matsycker Is and all around to port Davey with my CASILDA the last of the sailing wet well crayboats. Last time I was there she was moored in Costitution Dock Have a look next time you are in town.


Carolyn Howell
2010-12-09 16:57:52

I am enjoying your dialogue and photos.
I am heading to Oriental in the morning to enjoy all whe weekend Christmas activities.
That is quite a ways from Tasmania, huh? I still remember that flight from Australia to North Carolina.
Take care. Have fun. Make lots of photos.

2010-12-09 10:10:32

Hi Bernie,

I just love the way to take pictures. You really capture the essense of what’s going on. I’m going to take inspiration from you, and endeavor to improve my picture taking, so it better tells the story. Keep the posts coming! Heidi

Leo Lawton
2010-12-08 20:55:08

Stark, somber, but with a ray of hope provided by that bit of scraggly life saying, “I will prevail.”

2010-12-10 16:42:00

wOOw.. looked kinda lonely there at that rocky beach and animal shaped bush scrub. really cold too. keep movin and writin.


2010-12-21 02:46:05

Gary. Hey, I just photographed Casilda! She’s doing fine. Bernie Tasmania


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