Springing Toward Summer

Saddles on our porch: I rode the one on the left from Atlantic to Pacific oceans and the one on the right from here in western North Carolina to Idaho

Happy Easter Sunday to you. The leaves are darkening up, the mules are getting shiny and Snookie is panting in the dirt under the back porch. My wife Julia just posted a beautiful essay on spring moving ahead toward summer here up the Shoebox Canyon. Read the full story, with some beautiful photos, right here on her ConsideringAnimals.com site.

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  • Greetings Bernie

    It has been some time since we communicated. Trust you are well and the Dodge as well.

    Go well

    • Christopher! This is so awesome hearing from you! The 1992 diesel Dodge I bought from you in 2005 is still doing great. Just the week before last, it hauled all our critters and our new/old/2002 stock trailer to a mule clinic. It’s parked out of the weather inside the barn and of course you have visitation rights if you ever want to hear that Cummins rumble. Of course, the paint job is still crap. But the rest of that truck, including the engine….oh wow…. I think it’s been 16 years since I bought it from you. If you look closely, it shows up from time to time on the RiverEarth.com site (like the time I hauled a trailer to Newfoundland. Or Colorado. Or Canada..).
      Sure was good hearing from you Christopher. I hope you’re well wherever you are. Bernie

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