Stanberry, MO Independence Day

Sirens will blare and hats will cover hearts. Kids will grab candy off the street and dogs will barf Tootsie rolls on the sidewalk. This is why we got divorced from England. Happy 4th of July from Stanberry, Missouri.

And they’re all lined up: An orderly line of youngsters get ready for the candy shower.

The mules and I were there to soak up the action. And catch a Blow Pop and 3 Tootsie rolls. Here are some photos of the day.

The day starts with the community breakfast at the community hall. On the menu: home grown sausage, biscuits, coffee and fruit. Lots of fruit. Admission price? Free will offering.
Let the parade begin: Pinky leads the tractor charge. Pinky is a 1948 Farmall. I suspect the paint job isn’t original. This being the mid-West…
…there were lots of tractors. And well-behaved kids. These are the same kids as in the first photo. Note how they’re still perfectly lined up even though their bags are filling up with candy. Now that’s disciplined teamwork. Or maybe they’re all just glued to the ground by all that candy on the street.
Yeah, those kids are definitely stuck to the ground by their flip flops. Not even this giant spreader truck could make them break rank. It did make them look mighty small, though.
Driver’s ed courtesy of John Deere
Of course Old Glory was there.
It’s not a parade without horses.
It’s also not a parade without a belly ache. Brick and Cracker each get a Tootsie roll. I get the Blow Pop. And the left over Tootsie roll.

I wish you and your family a wonderful independence day wherever you are. Tomorrow, given decent weather, the mules and I head toward Conception, Missouri.

Heading out

7 Responses to Stanberry, MO Independence Day

  • So glad you stopped by Stanberry to enjoy the festivities!! Happy travels!

  • Love this parade write-up!! I do have to ask – what is a home grown sausage? Is it true sausages grow on trees, as I have heard from a trusted source? If you don’t water the sausage trees enough during the Spring, do you get Slim Jims?

    Let me know if you find out, OK?

    Happy trails,


    • Actually, these are all the kids’ 4-H pigs they raised at home from wee piglets in to sausage sized porkers. Okay, that’s not true at all. I saw them being grilled out back – 15 pounds boxes of sausages headed toward the grill. They were delicious. I asked no questions. I do like the Slim Jim visual!

  • We were glad to have you, Brick and Cracker stop in Stanberry. Happy trails and safe travels.

  • You camped at my landlords last night. If you’re heading west through Nebraska and end up going through Seward or Staplehurst, I have some family with land and a pond up there I can give you some names if you can email me. Safe travels!

    • Howdy Paige. Thanks for the offer of the Staplehurst contacts! I’m not quite sure which way I’m heading but I’ll be sure to give you a heads up if it includes Staplehurst. Say high to Sam for me. Next time you see him, tell him I sure enjoyed visiting with him in the pasture this morning before I headed out. Bernie

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