Still Ramblin'

Bruny Island lighhouse: a fine place to ramble out to. (Bruny Island,Tasmania)

I’m still ramblin’.

A few days ago I mentioned I was headin’ up the road for a few days – just to see what’s around the next Tasmanian bend. Well, I’m still out there. Should be back in a few days – unless, like my buddy Kenny and I are bad for doing, I just keep going for a spell longer.

Come to think of it, ramblin’s just not something we do much anymore. It’s frowned upon, sort of like galloping your mule through town. No, these days, every moment needs to be accounted for. Sorta like at the end of your days, there’s going to be a big time audit and you’re going to have to puzzle all those bits and pieces of time back and it’s supposed to be a picture of your life.

Where would a fellow fit the “ramblin’” peice?

Hell, I once almost lost my ramble. I attended one of those priority life management seminars and some slick guy got me so wrapped up in my prioritized A,B,C,1,2,3 lists I was gridlocked for days.

Until, of course, I went for a ramble. Then it all came back to me where I was supposed to be going.

Happy ramblin’! Catch you up the road a spell.

(PS: Zoom in on the map below (on “Satellite” mode) and you can see the Bruny Island lighthouse and to the north of it, the lightkeeper’s compound. This photo was taken during my stint aboard the crayfishing boat “Miss Carmen”.)

Bob (the Wagonteamster) Skelding
2011-01-12 20:04:28

Hey Bernie, A little walk-about will do you good. There’s a line from the Crocodile Dundee movie, where Paul Hogan admits his wife left him when he went on a walk-about for 6 months. Linda K. replied, “Silly Girl”.
I am in total agreement with her sentiments (but then, I’m also still single). I wonder if there’s any connection between modest walk-abouts and relationship status? You know, having a fast horse (or mule) can be both advantageous and a disadvantage (depending upon you gender and maritial status)!

2011-01-12 21:46:10

Hey Bernie!
You’re still ramblin’ and we’re still following!!

Hay there BOB! Can’t wait till you’re back on the road ramblin’ too!!

Loving all the neat things you blog about and all the wonderful people you meet along the way. I check in to see what’s new every night when I get to work!

Can’t wait to see what will be around the next bend- keep up ramblin’ and bloggin!

Morrisville, NC

Grace B. Evans
2011-01-13 20:58:53

Hi Bernie: Is a Tasmanian ramble like an Australian walkabout? Both make sense to me.
If you’ve been keeping up with the sedentary life in Oriental you will note that we have been obsessed with d’affaires dragon for the past month or so. Isn’t that wonderful? The spell of winter weather and head colds has also taken up some talk time, but this too shall pass. There’s been little mention of weather in your blog. I hope it has been good, particularly when you were out fishing.I’ll hae a lot of questons when you get home. You are missed. Hope your 2011 trip around the sun will be magical. Grace

2011-01-18 15:57:11

hi Bernie – yeh..its hard to hold a mercurial spirit locked away..gotta get away sometimes. Totally agree with that..I’m there myself….keep well sweet

2011-01-19 17:30:18

Wow, Bernie. Love the picture of the lighthouse and the satellite images. Beautiful.
Hey Wagonteamster. Glad to see you are posting once again.
Love travelling with your guys.

Ed Stehno Hays Ks
2011-02-05 10:33:23

Wow!!!! Bernie, I just looked at your web site for the first time ina while. Your travels just blow me away. Keep trucking Ed Hays Ks.


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