Still Rambling on Flinders Island

Waiting for a tide: a steel cruiser waits for the tide to lift her (Bridport, Tasmania)

Hi there. Seems the island ramblin’ urge has hit pretty hard. Like in the photo of the tide above, I haven’t returned online yet. Yep, I’m still out on Flinders Island having a look-about. Check back in a few days – now go do some rambling of your own!

(Flinders Island is on the map below.)

Patsy Nugent
2011-02-26 05:22:05

Hi Bernie, got your message and asked the paper to make minor alteration if it has not gone to print yet. I have been on Norfolk Island for a week, there was an Opera and Musical festival there. Its a remote beautiful island 3 miles x 5 and has a World Heritage historical area (convict ruins/graves and buildings) The island has many descendants of the Bounty Mutineers with mixed Tahitian, Pitcairn Island and Norfolk Island blood. Approx. one third of the population are New Zealanders.. Check it out. Its a great little place and far more isolated than Flinders Island. I am watching your travels, keep well and enjoy! Regards, Patsy Nugent


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