Sunday Sleep Medicine

Sleepy the Cement Indian. Spotted outside a school on the outskirts of Meredosia, IL, where I crossed the Illinois River with the mules. This heavy eye lid look is what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. Or maybe it’s just the high school art department’s paint job…

Howdy Pilgrim. Feeling sorta sleepy this Sunday morning? Don’t sweat it.

Here’s some ancient Indian advice. Crawl back in to your tent bed and get some more nods. That’s what I do. Nobody’s looking. It’ll do you good and you’ll thank me when your super-charged self climbs back out in to the day.

Here’s what you’ll look like then.

That’s more like it. See how Mr Cement Indian looks like when he sleeps ’til noon? Powerful medicine. Give it a try. (Meredosia, IL)

As for me, it’s 4:15a. I’m saddling the mules and we’re heading toward Broken Bow. Really.


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