Sunflower Sunday Morning

Our kitchen windowsill: peach pits, sunflower and teapot.

It’s been a good sunflower and peach year here in western North Carolina. Last week we were enjoying Taylorsville peaches from 20 miles away. This week, it’s Kings Mountain peaches from a wee bit farther afield.

I’m a big fan of saving good pits and seeds. Right now the fridge is full of baggies filled with the season’s best peaches. Others go on the windowsill until I put them in a paper bag. In addition to peaches, I’ve put away a cherry pie’s worth of pits and also some of plum.

Come January or February, I aim to plant all these pits in our orchard up the hill.

The view from just uphill from the orchard

Have a great Sunday.


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3 years ago

Ha! I have a Mason jar full of assorted pits from last year, waiting for me to do something to improve our little island…


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