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Renegade Hoof Boot Repair Day

Mules Brick and Cracker are taking two days off from our mule ramble at Nancy and Bill Sluy’s CCC ranch. The mules have enjoyed lots of grain, deep grass and two well-earned rest days. While I was here, I had a chance to go over my Renegade hoof boots with new friends Hanna and Lisa.

Hoof boot party: Hanna Bartnick, Lisa and I doing some routine hoof boot maintenance. The beauty of hoof boots is that most brands can be… Continue reading

How Hoof Boots Work in the Snow

This week we had our first snow of the season. It wasn’t a blizzard. We only got about five inches of snow. Still, it was fun taking Cracker and Pie for a spin in the white stuff. If you’ve ever wondered how hoof boots work in the snow, this post will interest you.

Heading out with Pie and Cracker.

About Hoof Boots and Me

None of my wife Julia’s or my horses or mules wear steel shoes. We ride… Continue reading

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