Virginia highlands horse trail

How I Rode my Mules up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail

Hey, I drew you a map of my first five days riding my mules Brick and Cracker up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail.

A very rough map I sketched of my first five days riding the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail with my mules Brick and Cracker.

I sketched the map into Katie’s notebook. Her parents, RJ and Christina, invited me for supper while I was camped at Fox Creek Horse Camp. Here are some photos of our time together.

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Virginia Highlands Horse Trail Mule Ramble Update: Cripple Creek

Howdy. Mules Brick, Cracker and I wanted to give you a quick update about our pack trip up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail. We’ve been on the road nine days now and have traveled about 70 miles. Cell phone reception has been pretty much nonexistent, but I finally got some coverage in Cripple Creek.

Brick, Cracker and me on Grayson Highlands (photo by SheRa)

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Post in a Visible Place

My mules Brick, Cracker and I camped at the CC Camp on the Virginia Highlands Trail last night. I paid for my site and the ticket stub said I needed to hang the receipt in a visible place on my vehicle so the ranger could read it.

Cracker shows we’re all paid up
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