Talking Trash with Trent Loos on “Rural Route”

About 2 weeks ago, the mules and I stayed with friend, sixth generation Nebraska rancher and broadcaster Trent Loos.

Trent Loos with mule Cracker (Hazard, Nebraska)

One morning, over coffee, we sat down at the microphone and talked about the things I noticed on my mule journey that most folks overlooked.
In particular, trash – road side trash.

Trash: Cracker’s hoof next to a cigarette butt and a Busch Light can. No, this photo was not staged. Yes, I picked up the Litter Bug’s mess.

If you’re curious about Indiana’s bananas and the Busch Light cans in the bushes, click on the audio player below.

“Rural Route”: Trash Talk / originally broadcast July 27, 2019

This segment originally was broadcast on Trent’s “Rural Route” radio program on July 26, 2019.

An earlier conversation we had – covering the 1,200 miles from my house to his – broadcast July 25. You can catch that by playing the audio player below.

“Rural Route”: from Bernie’s house to Trent’s house – by mule / originally broadcast July 26, 2019

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