That Old Buggered Hat

You see them here in Tasmania. Hats so beat up the only thing keeping them together is gravity and nostalgia. But really, it’s sorta rude to ask a guy “hey mate, why’s your hat all wrecked lookin?”.

A hat with a story (Outside Deviot, Tasmania)

No matter. I ask anyway.

This week I had a gam with Mark, a fruitpicker looking for work in Tasmania. Me met along the Tamar River outside Deviot where we’d set up our respective travelling abodes – he a Volkswagon Combi Van, me my trusty hammock. Over tea, we talked Vegemite, sand dune water and Tassie rhyming slang. Then, over the second or third cuppa, talk turned to hats. It was at this point in the conversation that he produced a hat more bashed than anything I’ve ever owned. And that’s saying something.

Gam time: a cup of tea inside Mark’s Combi Van

Beat to buggery

Curious, I had him tell me the story behind it. It only took a minute and half. But you can listen in by clicking on the audio player below.

2011-03-02 11:14:55

hi bernie
hats with a history. nothing better to begin a conversation, good one ceya peta


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