The Final 130 Miles

Howdy Friday. The mules and I are heading in to the final 130 miles of our Mules West ramble. This week (October 12 – 17) we head back out in to the desert after a wonderful few days resting up with the Humphrey family in Blackfoot, Idaho. From here in Blackfoot, Brick, Cracker and I ride toward Atomic City and Arco.

The land around here. This is a photo fro last week’s 88 mile ride from Alpine, Idaho to Blackfoot, Idaho.

I look forward to sharing what I find out there when I get back online in a few days.


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4 years ago

This armchair traveling is wonderful. Your posts give us a view of people that we probably would not otherwise meet. You sure know how to express the best in humans. Funny,odd,and generous..sometimes rude. I think of you during the day and look forward to your writings.(I try to only look once a week to treat myself). Strength in character you sure have! Thank you!

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