The Final Miles Across Illinois

Mule Brick by pond we spotted from the road – and ended up spending the night next to. (Outside Quincy, IL)

Good night from the banks of the Mississippi River. Well almost the banks of Big Muddy. Tonight mules Brick and Cracker and I are camped 10 miles East of Quincy, IL. Thanks Todd and Julie Curry for putting us up (and sending over those sloppy Joes with all the trimmings!)

From here, the plan is to cross Ol’ Man River in the next few days then start riding across our next state – Missouri. 
Illinois has been a pleasure to travel through. Folks have been bonkers generous, from putting the mules and me up to writing a poem about our visit.

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  • Hey, do you already have a police escort lined up for crossing the Mississippi? Or are you going to just show up, cause a commotion, and get escorted without even asking? 😉

    • Actually, I’m going to pull the Alfred E Neuman “what me worry” thing. So far it seems to be working. Just like last time I crossed Big Muddy with a mule and pony. I showed up and magically the path forward appeared in the form of a horse trailer. Alfred was a wise man. He could have gone a long way with a mule. Instead he started a magazine and the world – and mule travel – was improved. Stay tuned!

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