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The Lost Sea Expedition
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The Lost Sea Expedition DVD is about Bernie Harberts’ 14 month voyage across America in his tiny, solar powered mule wagon. The series was filmed with only the gear Bernie carried in his wagon – no film crew, chase vehicle, support team or sponsor. The 4-part series premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS.

The series is about what he encountered on the road: prairie people, tumbleweed gales, snow storms, the highs of Badlands blue and the low of Prairie Fever. There’s plenty of adventure, too, like exploring a vanished sea with a mule and how (not) to move a rattlesnake with a buggy whip.

Total run time: 96 minutes

Climb aboard. Let’s go adventuring!

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Too Proud To Ride A Cow
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After spending almost 5 years sailing alone around the world, Bernie Harberts arrived home a prisoner of the very independence he’d worked so hard to cultivate.
Harberts decided it was time to let people back in his life.

Bernie and his mule Woody began their journey in Oriental, NC, walked to the Atlantic Ocean then turned west. A year later, they completed their adventure at the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, CA.

Bernie regained his trust in America riding his mule into the lives of the people he met. Some were unusual – like the 6 time married rat rancher, or the tattooed lady poacher that kept Bernie warm by drawing him in to her illicit lifestyle. Others were everyday Americans with their own story – a truck driver, a feed store owner, a teacher, a barber.

In addition to 9 maps, the 256-page book contains 93 photographs (47 in color) from Bernie’s voyage.

Woody and Maggie Walk Across America

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“Woody and Maggie Walk Across America” is an account of Bernie’s cross-country mule and pony adventure. The 40-page, full color, hard cover children’s book is written for 5 to 10-year-old readers. Join Bernie, Woody and Maggie to discover:

  • What Bernie found unusual about each state

  • What Woody and Maggie imagined about each state
  • How the three lived from day to day.

Exercises at the end of the book help children find their way across America by teaching them state shapes, locations and characteristics.

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65 Days at Sea
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In 2003 Bernie completed a solo circumnavigation of the world in a 35 foot steel cutter – "Sea Bird". During this voyage Bernie filmed what life at sea was like during the long passage (over 6,000 miles) from South Africa to the US Virgin Islands. Bring Bernie’s positive spirit and life at sea into your living room with this one hour DVD.

Format: SD (Standard Definition)

Come experience life at sea!

PostCards From Tasmania

(The “Postcard from Tasmania” series has sold out. Check back to receive a postcard from one of Bernie’s future adventures.)

Look here Bucky… no one writes you anymore. It just ain’t right. All ya get are emails from friends that can’t write more than 7 words – and 4 of the 7 are abbreviated. Damn. Your mailbox just has a phone bill and and a cable TV offer. Gheezuzzzzzzz.

You don’t need a tweet or a text – what you need is some actual human authored correspondence. Here it is – your chance to get three postcards from Tasmania, straight from my adventures. I’ll mail you cards from the odd places I visit. The rainforest, the sheep camp, the pub – you never know what your next card will feature. All handwritten, all featuring Australian postage. Maybe even a coffee stain. You’ll get damn charming correspondence, and thanks to your revenue I’ll get to eat lunch. Sign up for your Post Cards From Tasmania and start getting mail from the island under the Land Down Under.

Three Personalized Postcards From Tasmania
Three Personalized Postcards $19.95 (including shipping. Shipping? They’ll be sent with a fancy stamp!)