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Too Proud To Ride A Cow
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After spending almost 5 years sailing alone around the world, Bernie Harberts arrived home a prisoner of the very independence he’d worked so hard to cultivate.
Harberts decided it was time to let people back in his life.

Bernie and his mule Woody began their journey in Oriental, NC, walked to the Atlantic Ocean then turned west. A year later, they completed their adventure at the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, CA.

Bernie regained his trust in America riding his mule into the lives of the people he met. Some were unusual – like the 6 time married rat rancher, or the tattooed lady poacher that kept Bernie warm by drawing him in to her illicit lifestyle. Others were everyday Americans with their own story – a truck driver, a feed store owner, a teacher, a barber.

In addition to 9 maps, the 256-page book contains 93 photographs (47 in color) from Bernie’s voyage.

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