The Lone Star view from 500 feet

East High Lonesome Lane
North of Conlen, Texas

On a 2000 mile wagon voyage across America, 500 feet can make all the difference – especially if they’re straight up. To get a view, and listen to the story, just click here….

East High Lonesome Lane
North of Conlen, Texas

Traveling the Texas high plains by wagon in early winter, it’s easy to fall victim to the High Lonesome grayscale blues. The corn and wheat’s been harvested leaving only stubble fields. Save for the occasional verdant patch of winter wheat, the color of the Lone Star landscape is hibernation.

Well, that’s what I thought until I met Kyle Odom.

Kyle Odom
Happy, Texas

Kyle Odom farms and ranches outside Happy, Texas.

Welcome to The Town Without a Frown
Happy, Texas

This week, he invited me to celebrate his Stinson airplane’s 62nd birthday with a flight over the Cap Rock country south of Happy. For Kyle and his 1946 Stinson, it was more than a birthday. It was also a reunion. He’d owned the plane in the 1970s and sold it in 1990. A week ago, he’d bought it back.

Kyle Odom’s 1946 Stinson
Tulia, Texas

Cruising at 500 feet, the Texas landscape looked anything but dormant.

Ready to listen to Kyle talk about the countryside and his airplane? Then swing into the co-pilot’s seat, buckle your lap belt and click on the audio player below.

The Stinson view

From Tulia, just south of Happy, we set out across the farmland.

Cross roads

Soon, row crops gave way to the Palo Duro canyon.

Where the canyon meets the farmland

Into canyon land

Tule Canyon, Texas

Back on the ground, driving me back to my wagon in his pickup, Kyle had this to say about the land we’d just flown over. If it looks easy and lucrative to farm from 500 feet, then you’d better listen to Kyle’s take by clicking on the audio player below.

Interesting, eh? Well, if you’d like to do some more flying, then click here to tour the Nebraska Sandhills by ranch plane.

Oh, and Kyle. Thanks for taking me out on your Stinson’s Birthday flight. Cheers to your reunion after a decade and a half apart!


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