The Stove – Southern Pines, NC

A large percentage of gypsy wagons that are being restored show scorch marks. They come from where the wood stove set the wagon on fire.

Not good.

So to guard against this sort of Viking sendoff, I lined the stove nook with plywood and aluminum sheeting. Just to make sure the air circulated up behind the panels, I routed some air holes into the frame work.

Frame work for stove nook with vent holes that (should) dissipate heat (I hope).

Then I went down to the folks at Creative Sparks and they sheared out some plate steel for me.

That was for the stove.

I know, I know. I wanted a genuine oil can stove like Bob Sundown had but when I checked into buying a metal gas can, it turned out it would be cheaper just to weld up a bit of steel into a box and call that a stove.

For a front door, I used an inspection door like you put into the cinder block foundation under your house.

So here it is.

Bernie’s stove. Note aluminum heat shield in place. Yes, the section of counter covering the stove is removable…

I know. There’s no damper or ashpan but really, who cares? The little sheet metal stove I used in my tipi never torched my lodgings.

So there.

But just in case in my heat calculations are off, I’ll carry along something most genuine gypsies didn’t.

A fire extinguisher.


(Thanks Susan Edwards and Ferill Britt for helping me with photographs and welding up my wood stove. Bernie)


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