The World's Largest Blue Bologna Sandwich – Southern Pines, NC

After living in my tipi for almost thirteen months on the road, I decided my next home would have more substantial walls.

Bernie’s last home on the road. Winter 2003

Ok, so there were some privacy issues with my last living arrangements. Like cows.

Cows at the tent flaps

I decided that if I was going for stock-proof walls this time, I might as well go for warmth too. That meant adding insulation to my dream.

Here’s how I did it.

The side walls on the wagon I designed are four feet tall and eight feet long.

Technical Drawing One. Side view of the wagon walls.

To build the walls, I made the equivalent of a thirty-two square foot, bologna sandwich. To extend the analogy, for the top and bottom pieces of bread I used quarter-inch sheets of plywood. The Oscar Meyer was a sheet of three-quarter inch foam insulation.

The world’s largest open-faced, blue foam sandwich.

The completed sandwich.

Now that the sides are complete, I’m sitting down with a cup of tea. And then I’ll paint and bolt those sides to the wagon frame.

Finally, no more peeping cows.



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