Title Suggestions With Mule Woody's Comments – Southern Pines, NC

Thanks everybody for your help. The title suggestions are rolling in! Here they come…in no particular order. Keep sendin’ em and I’ll keep posting em.

10 Legged Journey: Woody, Maggie and Me.
Many Hearts for Ten Legs
The Mule That Walked to the Center of the World
10 Legs, Will Travel
Are we There Yet?
From Atlantic to Pacific with Oats for Fuel
Half-assed Journey Across America
Long Miles with Long Ears
Bullet Holes & Bumblebees: A Story of a Mule and a Man
Giddy Up America
The Moses Effect: by Mule to Manna
Come Walk With us: From Sea to Shining Sea
You Can Learn a Lot from an Ol Mule
Mule Speed America
Footprints Across America
Hooves and Boots and Wheels
8 Hooves, 2 Boots, 4 Wheels
Hooves and Footprints Across America
Mule Dragger: Sailing Across America
See the USA: How to Drag a Mule Across America
Tipi for Three
Cap’n Bernie Rides Again
80 Million Hoof Beats Give or Take
One if by Ocean, Three if by Mule
Between the Oceans
Woody, Maggie, and Me : A Journey Across America
The Pony Express (NOT!)
Hoofprints Across America:Finding America and Americans From a Saddle

disqualifications (written by me mule woody)

bernie and i are sorting through all the titles that are pouring in and i have told him he needs to eliminate a few because they remind me of my dad who was a donkey. you see my mom was a horse and my dad was a donkey, or jack ass. i’m a mule which what that one guy got right when he talked about the half-assed bit. anyway, here are the two i disqualified.

dragging my ass Across america: a new way to see the usa
adventures of a jack ass


woody the mule


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