"Too Proud to Ride a Cow" in Digital Form

The book “Too Proud to Ride a Cow” the way is used to be. You could buy a copy at a store or online. Or even off my wagon. Now there’s a new way. “Too Proud” is available in digital form.

Used to be, if you wanted a copy of “Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, my account of traveling across America by mule, you bought a copy at the bookstore or ordered it from the RiverEarth General Store. If I was traveling through your neck of the county, you could even buy one straight off the mule wagon. You’d give me fifteen bucks, I’d scribble something into your new book and Bob’s your uncle.

But what if you’re into digital books? Or live outside the US and Canada?

No worries. Joining “Too Proud” on the book shelf – even if it’s a virtual one – is a digital version.

“Too Proud to Ride a Cow” for Kindle.

“Too Proud” is the account of my 13-month mule voyage across America. Rat ranchers, lady poachers and everyday people. The characters and places are just as vivid in the digital book as they were in the paper version. The file is in .mobi format for Kindle. No, I can’t sign it for you. Yes, I’ll sign your Kindle if you track me down. And it’ll run you a lot less than fifteen dollars. Cost is $2.99. Get your digital copy here.

If you’re still a page turner, printed copies of “Too Proud” are shipping from the RiverEarth General Store.


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