Top Hat Mystery Solved

A few days ago I wrote how my top hat didn’t fit my head like like it used to. Like it’s been worn by another man. A man with a bigger, longer head.

This morning I solved the mystery.

Mystery solved.

Seems mule Cracker’s been rockin’ some fancy headware behind my back…

3 Responses to Top Hat Mystery Solved

  • Ha!! Busted!

    Now that’s what I call a contrite mule…

    Did he mess up your googles, too?


  • My heart is smiling reading/seeing that you are still a rambling. I continue to receive warmth from the fumes of our down east adventure.

    • Morgan! Holy smoke it’s great hearing from you.
      True story. Tonight I was treated to a reception here in Idaho celebrating the end of my mule ramble. I ran in to a lady who saw – and loved – the UNC_TV Mule Rider adventure. Then it was rain. Now it was snow.
      Very cool to know that those fumes continue to warm you and those who continue enjoying your work.
      Hope you’re well.
      Big howdy to all.
      Happy Adventuring.

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