Traveling Through America With Mules Brick and Cracker on “Horses in the Morning”

Good Saturday morning. I hope you had a great week. I ended my week with an interview on the Horses in the Morning podcast, America’s largest equine podcast and one of the longest daily podcasts in the world.

Host Glenn the Geek and I discussed the adventures my mules and I encountered riding from North Carolina to Idaho. We cover everything from hoof boots to having your head inside your helmet when it hits the ground and cracks into three pieces (the helmet, not your head).

You can listen to Glenn and my chat right here.
Here are the time stamps for the segment:
07:30 – Daily Whinnies
18:30 – Bernie Harberts
38:20 – Marissa Schaffer
49:11 – Realli bAd Adz
Have a great weekend and be sure to get outside and enjoy some of this early fall weather!

Get A Free Copy of my New Photo Book 19 Million Mule Steps

I’d love to give you a free copy of my just-released 134-page photo book 19 Million Mule Steps. The book contains a lot of the material that didn’t fit into my upcoming book Two Mules to Triumph, about my 7 month, 2,300 mile Long Ride from North Carolina to Idaho with my mules Brick and Cracker. That’s the same trip Glenn and I chatted about on Horses in the Morning.


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