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Bernie and mule Polly on the Road
Outside Hope, New Mexico

Welcome to While the latest adventure, the “Lost Sea Expedition” is complete, there’s plenty going on at here’s what’s keeping us busy now the Canada to Mexico mule wagon trek is completed…

Merry Christmas!
A scene from earlier in 2009
Outside Hope, New Mexico

Yes, another year of travel winds down here at – as surely as another gets set to begin. Mule Polly is enjoying a well deserved break here in North Carolina with her mule buddies after traveling 13 months and 2,500 miles from Canada to Mexico. The vehicle she pulled, the Lost Sea Expedition wagon, that danger-yellow mobile recording studio and fossil hunting machine, is parked in the barn close by.

Now all that’s left to say is thanks. (Well, there’s actually more behind the scene stuff going on but that’s another story… )

As with voyages past, funding for our latest voyage came from book sales and programs. You, the RiverEarth reader and General Store supporter, not some giant corporation, pay for the photos, articles and audio updates you enjoy on this site.

Now it’s payback time.

To thank everyone that supports our travels with a book or DVD purchase, I want to send you a hand made gift. From December 1 to December 31, each book and DVD purchased from the General Store will include two hand made, signed holiday cards. Yep, built and signed by the same hands that steered alone around the world and guided a mule across the United States, both ways.

Holiday book and card offer (Sorry, horse blanket and red berries not included.)

Here’s how it works.

Order any thing from the store. before the New Year and, when your order arrives, in addition to the items you ordered, you’ll find two cards. I’ll sign one card to you. Or anyone else you’d like. When you place your book or DVD order, just tell us who you’d like the card signed to in the “Comment” box on the order form.

Happy Holidays!

The other card I’ll leave blank and you can mail it to who ever you want. That’s why I’m including an envelope.

Blank card and envelope

Now, a bit about the photo on that card.

The card I’m sending you features a photo taken in Logan County Kansas, site of one of the nation’s richest deposits of Cretaceous marine fossils. Millions of years ago (like, say, 70), the Great Plains, including Logan County, was flooded by a shallow, salty sea. Over millions of years, dying plant and animal life piled up on the ocean floor. Then the sea receded. What remained, in the case of Logan County, Kansas, were giant chalk deposits embedded with sharks’ teeth, bird bones and fish fins. It was at the base of one of these eroded chalk bluffs that I snapped the photo of Polly greeting me for a sunset treat.

To read more about the people and county where your photo was taken, click here. Curious how the photo was taken by its subject? Then click here.

Neat, eh? Well, if you’d like a book and card drop by the General Store… Otherwise, just hang out a spell and catch up with what’s going on around here.

And so comes to an end another adventurous travel year, travel mates. Thanks for a great 2009. See you on the trail in 2010!



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