Walking to Hazard With Mules: Trent Loos and I Talk Mule Rambling on “Rural Route”

Trent Loos lives the life he broadcasts: here releasing semen on his breeding boar “The Rookie”

Trent Loos: sixth generation Nebraska rancher, friend and broad caster. This week I spent a few nights with the Loos family catching up on times gone by.

The morning after my arrival, we talked mules, floods and Quincy, Illinois on his “Rural Route” program. Click on the audio player below to listen in to 2 friends catching up.

“Rural Route”: from Bernie’s house to Trent’s house – by mule / originally broadcast July 26, 2019
Arriving at Trent’s (Trent Loos video / Hazard, NE)

Onward from Hazard

From Hazard, the mules and I follow Highway 2 west toward Broken Bow and Hyannis, Nebraska.

Great big thanks to the Loos family for putting the mules and me up for not one but three nights. Lots to catch up on in the 10 years we haven’t seen each other!


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