Wall Tent Mule Ramble Weekend

Julia riding up Mount Zion Road (western outside Ferguson, North Carolina)

Howdy Monday. We had stormy weather here at headquarters last week. Our wall tent got flooded and so did our lower pasture. A shallow ditch in front of the wall tent should keep things dry up the road and the sun will do the rest. Still, we’re having some beautiful weather. Days have been in the mid-seventies and lows have dipped into the upper thirties. We got a frost last night which of course meant I had to build a fire in the woodstove.

Okay, a few more photos.

Puddle riding: fording the puddle at the bottom of the hayfield with Polly, Brick and Cracker
Tracks: mule and horse prints on our driveway. The mule prints are narrower than the horse tracks. We don’t use steel shoes on our critters. If we need extra protection, we use hoof boots (for lots more on that, check out the Hoof Boot Review: 3 Hoof Boots, 32 Days on the Trail )
The wall tent on top our mountain bald. That’s Julia holding her ponys Pie and Magneto. Magneto started life as a feral stallion in Georgia. Being an Arabian, we have explained to him that his ancestors once lived in tents. He wasn’t having any part of it…
Friday, 11pm: Julia and I spent Friday night in the tent. That made the rest of the weekend feel like a long weekend.
The ancient peach in front of our cabin is waking up. I pruned it two weeks ago. I don’t know how old this peach is but I’m guessing it’s well over fifty years old. I’d love to graft it.

Let me Give You a Heads-up About the New Book

I’m currently editing my new book “Two Mules to Triumph”. The book is about my saddle trip from North Carolina to Idaho with my mules Brick and Cracker.

A scene from the book: Cracker and Brick after walking 1,400 miles from our farm in western North Carolina to Hyannis, Nebraska. Julia is sitting on Cracker. She came to visit me while I was on the road. You can sign up here and I’ll send you an email when the new book comes out.

I’d be happy to give you a heads up when the book comes out. Just type your email address into the box below and I’ll take care of the rest.

Or, you can also click right here and that’ll take you to the main sign-up page.

Have a great week.


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2 years ago

After learning of the tent habits of his ancestors, Magneto replied that all geldings start out as stallions, whether they live in tents or not… Ouch.


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