Walter King Ponders the Mule Wagon

“What the hell is that thing?” You get that a lot traveling with a mule and wagon. Leave the rig for an errand, and often as not you’ve drawn a crowd of guys, hands jammed in their pockets, speculating with each other on what it is they’ve found.

“The hell….?” Our traveling contraption. (Sydney, Nova Scotia)

Which is what happened recently in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Polly and her wagon were loaded on my trailer. We were waiting to get on the ferry. The one that was to carry us from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Newfoundland. Turned out the ferry I was booked on had a tight spot where the trailer might get hung up on. So in the flurry of getting things right, I tucked in to the ferry terminal office. When I got back out, there was Walter King looking over my rig.

Walter’s a trucker. Big man. Sports mirrored shades and a shaved head just as reflective. Gold tooth and neck chain and voice that could start a diesel engine without a battery. Drives a red semi.

Walter King: Nova Scotian trucker

Walter’s seen a lot. But never a mule wagon headed for Newfoundland. He thought it had something to do with a circus. Here’s what he had to say about the notion. I especially like the way he pronounces the word “three”. Tree. To listen in, click on the player.

(Rough and ready field recording note: As he was speaking, Walter was standing among a bunch of idling tractor trailers waiting to catch the ferry to Newfoundland. The rumbling you hear in the background of this recording is the sound of all those diesel engines.)

Safe journeying, Walter. Also, a tip ‘o the hat to everyone at the Marine Atlantic ferry for shuffling things around so I could get my rig on the ferry – and to Newfoundland. Thanks Theresa and Frank for the carrots and meal vouchers to see us through!

2012-06-28 11:25:43

Fay, I’m looking out for 3 pair of sea boots. Two pair (size 18) for Polly and one (size 9 1/2)for me. So we can screech in dontcha know… Let me know if you have any lying around. I’ll wrangle up the cod. Cheers! Bernie

2012-06-26 08:51:54

WUUUNderful, dem tree pictures and dat recording. Love the photo of Polly in the trailer on the trailer with her shadow on the wagon! You cracked me up with the mirrored shades and just as shiny bald head! Great stuff, the makings of a book, for sure!
Just wanted to warn you about the honorary Newfoundlander ceremony; kiss a cod fish, wear a rubber yellow fisherman’s rain hat and drink Screech. But then again, it will probably be peanuts to you! Good luck with the moose. Save travels,



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