Watch Two Mules Walk up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail in Hoof Boots

I recently wrote a post on how my Renegade hoof boots were performing on the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail is rough in places, littered with rocks, logs, mud, puddles, boulders and yes, the occasional horse shoe that was ripped of a horse or mule’s hoof. My hoof boots did great. Here’s a short video of how they performed on a flat but rocky section of the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail.

I’m proud to report that after 80 miles of sometimes very rough going, none of the 8 hoof boots my mules are wearing have fallen off.

My Experience With Hoof Boots

I have traveled over 10,000 long distance miles with hoof boots on my mules and horses. That’s over 1,000 nights on the road with no support team or chase vehicle.

For an in depth hoof report I wrote about riding from North Carolina to Virginia and back in hoof boots, check out The Hoof Boot Report.

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