What to do About Tornadoes

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, storm cloud, rain, hail, prairie

The waiting is the hardest part: will this become a twister, a hail storm, a thunder storm….or nothing? (Newton, IL)

“What are you doing about the storms and tornadoes?”, folks ask me.
It’s been an active summer tornado season with twisters getting lots of press as they destroy homes and communities.
I tell them, “nothing”.
When the closest shelter is a telephone pole, your options are limited.

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, storm cloud, rain, hail, prairie

Where are you going to hide? That treeline is a mile away – 20 minutes by mule. Suddenly, leaning up against that telephone pole seems like a good idea. (Effingham, IL)

The hardest part is watching the storm fronts appear.
On the weather radar, the clouds are yellow, orange and green. Depending on the intensity. Out here, they’re a uniform Doom Black.
When those dirty big clouds roll down on the mules and me, all I do is put in my foul weather gear. Then I squat down in the grass – lean up against a fence post or telephone pole – and wait it out.
It’s easier at night. I don’t see the storm’s approach, just the onslaught of rain and the tent squatting down on me, crushed by the roaring winds and drowning rains.
So far, we haven’t been blown to Kansas.

2019-06-02 08:35:20

Thank God. Hang on tight B. I want you back.


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