What you really need

It’s a question I get all the time. “What kind of gear do you use when you travel?”

The answer is “less and less”

Over the years, after sailing alone around the world and traveling across the US by mule – both ways – I find that gear counts less while interviewing interesting folks counts increasingly more. I travel for immersion, not to compare tent weight with fellow wanderers. I want to hear the man’s story about how he came to own Tasmania’s largest cow tooth collection. Who cares if the shirt I’m standing in doesn’t have built in sun block and zip-off sleeves.

For Tasmania I’m packing light: camera, notebook, boots, raincoat, extra shirt. Maybe my pipe. Probably my hammock. What I forget I’ll buy down there.

And that’ll be part of the story.

So, on the topic of gear, any one know of a suitable horse going to waste in a pasture outside Hobart, Tasmania? Really, contact me……!


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