Why My Wife Isn't Mule Rambling With Me – This Time

Bernie Harberts, sandwich

Just married: me and my wife Julia on our honeymoon ride. I’m riding mule Brick. She’s riding her haflinger Pickle. Brick and I are riding toward Idaho. Julia and Pickle stayed at home. (Love Valley, NC)

“Where’s your wife?” folks ask me when I tell them I’m married.
I tell them that my wife Julia stayed at home.
I explain that I’m riding toward her brother’s home in Idaho. That she’ll come visit me when I get there.
But that’s the mule-man-in-a-hurry answer. There’s more to it than that. It has to do with mortality, a pie chart and a dog.
Julia explains this beautifully in her article Acknowledgement of Time’s Worth on her Old Dog Diaries blog.
I think you’d really enjoy reading it here.
You can also read Julia’s take on our mule ramble from North Carolina to Virginia and back at her Saddle Under the Stars blog.


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