Wyoming Welcome

We made Wyoming!

Greetings from area code 307, aka Wyoming. The state has so few people (less than 600k), it only needs one area code. This week, the state of “Equal Rights” made room for one traveling man and 2 mules.

Our route from the past 2 weeks. (Google maps)

Mules Cracker and Brick and I are taking a few days off in Douglas to catch our breathes. In the past two weeks, they’ve walked 225 miles from Hyannis, Nebraska to Douglas, Wyoming. That’s a lot of hoof steps and wind mill water.

Plenty of great photos, faces and stories to share with you. But first, some grub and drink for man and mules. Okay, here’s a sneak peek at the land we’re in now.

Welcome to empty: this is Niobrara County, the least populated county in the least populated state in the United States.
One of the 10 or so cattle guards the mule and I navigated yesterday. The mules can’t walk over the cattle guard. I lead them through the gate next to each gate.
Finding water between is becoming a challenge. Here, Brick ready to plunge in for a drink of windmill-drawn stock tank water.
Outside Douglas, Wyoming.
Oasis: Brick this (Saturday) morning on the banks of the River Platte (Wyoming State Fairground – Douglas, Wyoming)
Mark Maue. Mark is Buildings and Ground Supervisor at the Wyoming State Fairground. Thanks for the beautiful alfalfa hay and great place to rest up Mark! More on the Wyoming State Fair right here. (Douglas, Wyoming)

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Sue McBride
4 years ago

Bernie, so great to have you here in Douglas the past few days. You brought your story into town and made a lasting impression on the community as a whole and a few of us more personally. I’ll be following your travels to learn more about them and to continue the inspiration toward achieving a future long ride of our own.
Your visit here is an example of why I continue to celebrate the serendipities and synchronicities of the Universe; there are no coincidences.
Side note: found this article that might be of some interest https://equinewellnessmagazine.com/naturally-repel-flies-fleas-mosquitoes/
I learned about some of this when I did a little Competitive Trail Riding.
Give Brick and Cracker a scratch for me! Happy Trails to you…

Christian Harberts
4 years ago

Man, I’m trying to imagine a horizon without people. Or people constructs (aside from the road you’re navigating. I go out on my balcony. Ah – a nice lazy river, trees, green grass, then buildings, more buildings, a bridge (because island) and people everywhere. There’s another people, ambling across the bridge. One fishing on the banks of the river. One getting walked by her dog. People everywhere. And nary a mule in sight. Bummer.

Enjoy your layover!


Mary Anna
Mary Anna
4 years ago

I’ve been enjoying following you Bernie. Thank you for sharing your trip. All my best you and your good mules, as well as Julia back in N. Carolina.

4 years ago

I love the welcome to Wyoming photo! Also I can’t believe that you rode there from our gate in Western North Carolina. It’s really, truly amazing when you really think about it. That’s a kind of, mostly lost determination, that not many individuals any longer possess. I think you are amazing and your animals also above par. I love you all so much. You are doing great and I am very proud of you guys.

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