Rescue Me

If you don’t have time to rescue a grasshopper from drowning, you’re moving too fast.

Rescue me: I did.

Some days I travel too fast. This particular day, when I saw the grasshopper stranded on the stock tank drain, I rendered assistance. I’m cheered to know she’s back out on the eastern Wyoming desert among the hot wind and dry grass.

Winter will halt her song soon enough. It’s a better way to go than drowning in the desert.

More on what it’s like to get water from a wind mill right here.

2 Responses to Rescue Me

  • I’d love to see this scene in a movie where the long distance cowboy is riding along on a mule with his pack animal next to him. The wind is a cold one. He is bundled up against the stiff unpleasant breeze. You can tell he’s been out for sometime. He is all alone with only his mules under him. He comes riding by a stock tank. See the stranded grasshopper out of the corner of his eye as he passes by. He slows his riding mount and does a double take. Seeing the problem he yells “Hoa” to his mules dismounts and rescues the grass hopper from its plight. Then he swings back up in to the saddle and continues on.

    • What a beautifully gritty image of capture and liberation. I can see it on the movie screen in my brain. I can see the set up, the raw footage, the cuts and edits.
      It would be seriously cool to have filmed little snippets like this on this journey. Alas, I’m not filming this trip. Still, it gets the cinematic eye imagining…
      When do we start filming?

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