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19 Million Mule Steps is the award-winning new photo book about riding my mules Brick and Cracker 2,300 miles from North Carolina to Idaho.
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The Lost Sea Expedition is the documentary about my journey from Canada to Mexico learning about an ancient sea that covered the Great Plains
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Pet Food is a dessert recipe book by my wife Julia that features sixteen delicious deserts we enjoy at our cabin
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Postcard from Tasmania


(The “Postcard from Tasmania” series has sold out. Check back to receive a postcard from one of Bernie’s future adventures.)

Look here Bucky… no one writes you anymore. It just ain’t right. All ya get are emails from friends that can’t write more than 7 words – and 4 of the 7 are abbreviated. Damn. Your mailbox just has a phone bill and and a cable TV offer. Gheeezuusss.

“Postcard from Tasmania” subscription postcard service

You don’t need a tweet or a text – what you need is some actual human authored correspondence. Here it is – your chance to get three postcards from Tasmania, straight from my adventures. I’ll mail you cards from the odd places I visit. The rainforest, the sheep camp, the pub – you never know what your next card will feature. All handwritten, all featuring Australian postage. Maybe even a coffee stain. You’ll get damn charming correspondence, and thanks to your revenue I’ll get to eat lunch. Sign up for your Post Cards From Tasmania and start getting mail from the island under the Land Down Under.

Three Personalized Postcards From Tasmania
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