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Welcome to the General Store.
Bernie is traveling across America with his mules right now which means he can’t send you any of his books and DVDs.
That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on his adventures. You can stream the Lost Sea Expedition series and download the Too Proud to Ride a Cow book. Bernie plans to be out until late 2019. He’ll open the store back up when he returns.
If you have any questions, feel free to drop him a line.

The Lost Sea Expedition is the Public TV series about Bernie’s 14 month voyage across America in a tiny, solar powered mule wagon. The series was filmed with only the gear he carried in his wagon – no film crew, chase vehicle, support team or sponsor. The 4-part series premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS.

The series is about what he encountered on the road: prairie people, tumbleweed gales, snow storms, the highs of Badlands blue and the low of Prairie Fever. There’s plenty of adventure, too, like exploring a vanished sea with a mule and how (not) to move a rattlesnake with a buggy whip.

4 Parts. Total run time: 96 minutes

The series can be streamed on Amazon and Vimeo.

Start streaming on Amazon here.
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Start streaming on Vimeo here. This is a great option for overseas viewers.

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