Wren Silhoutte

Morning visitor. A house wren perched on our locust clothes line support. The shadow on the left is our door sill. The vertical strings give something for the pole beans to hang on to.

Welcome to summer. My wife Julia and I are busying ourselves with summer chores on the homestead. Mornings, I’m working on my new book. Afternoons are spent building a new locust fence for the mules, tending the garden and leveling a pad for the new run in shed we’re putting up for the critters.

Ah, but early mornings lack ambition. We kick off the day slowly with a cup of coffee on the back porch. Earlier this week, a house wren landed on the locust post we use for one end of our clothesline. With its legs splayed wide, it looked more ready to tackle the day then we were.


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