Snake Bites Mule

Snake bites mule: Brick tangles with a non-poisonous black snake.

A while back, Julia and I rode spent six weeks traveling with two saddle and one pack mule from our farm in western North Carolina to Virginia and back. We posted a lot of stories on this trip but here’s one I never got around to sharing with you.

Julia was riding a mule named Dusty we’d borrowed from our friend Ronald Hudson. I was riding my mule Brick. As we traveled the Iron Mountain Trail from Damascus, Virginia to Grayson Highlands, we came across a black snake. My mule Brick had to poke her head down for a look. The snake reacted as you might expect.

No, I would have never let her sniff a poisonous rattlesnake or copperhead.

If you didn’t follow that mule ramble here’s a great summary you’ll enjoy. It’s called About the First 100 Miles and you can read it right here.

The Trash to Triumph Book

Work on my new book “Trash to Triumph” book is coming on well. I’m currently working on the third draft. This week I edited the section on what it’s like to ride a mule across the Ohio River, the second-largest river (by volume) in the United States.

If you haven’t already, I’d be happy to give you a heads up when the book is released. You can sign up for the newsletter right here. The link is:


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Larry Falls
Larry Falls
2 years ago

Oh, and we know that Brick will never sniff another snake. If only I could avoid making the same mistake like all mules do.

Larry Falls
Larry Falls
2 years ago

It was exciting, fun filled, and a great pleasure to meet both of you at Thermal Valley Hang Gliding. Bernie, I enjoyed your POST- FLIGHT answer to Craig’s question (“What was your most enjoyable part of this flight?”) more than any I have heard in seven years! You two are some of the most impressive and enjoyable people I have ever met. Thank you for following up with this information. I so wanted to stick around and visit with both of you, but was pledged to be with my sweet wife that evening. This link you sent will allow me to get to know both of you much better. Thank you!

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