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It’s done! The first draft of my newest book, “Two Mules to Triumph” is complete.

“Two Mules to Triumph” is the account of Cracker, Brick’s and my journey through America

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The “Two Mules to Triumph” route

“Two Mules to Triumph” is the new book about my 2,200-mile journey through America with mules Brick and Cracker. It’s the most comprehensive account of an equine voyage across America I’ve ever read.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could still ride a mule or horse through America, “Two Mules to Triumph” is for you. Or maybe you’ve wondered about all the technical things that go into long distance travel, from hoof boots and road riding to how to keep your mount fed. All this stuff comes in handy for trail riding.

Did you know you can travel 500 to 1000 miles on a set of hoof boots? Plenty more about that in the book.
Ever wonder how the west-bound settlers fed their mounts lunch?

Or maybe you just like a good old fashioned adventure. Then “Two Mules to Triumph” is definitely for you. It’s full of stories about real life characters like the Rat Man, cowboy Dave and how to wrangle a police escort for your mule.

The Rat Man
Click on the video to get your personal police escort across the Ohio River.

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Leah Massie Lovell
Leah Massie Lovell
2 years ago

🤠It was great talking to you today Bernie.

🐴We are kindred spirits when it comes to mules and packing.

👉Thank you for caring enough to teach the world about the things we love👈

🌲Your books are a blessing to those who can no longer take pack trips. They can Reminisce about all the good things you write about.

Patricia Gabriel
Patricia Gabriel
3 years ago

Just checked in after a long time. Looks like you’ve been busy! Can’t wait to read your new book! Thanks. Pat Gabriel, Newton, NH

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