List of Podcasts, Interviews and Reviews Featuring “Two Mules to Triumph”

The #1 Apple Travel Podcast Atlas Obscura recently dedicated an entire episode to the story behind my upcoming book Two Mules to Triumph
The back and front cover of Two Mules to Triumph, about riding my mules 2,300-mile journey from North Carolina to Idaho.

It’s an exciting time for my new book Two Mules to Triumph. Word is getting out, buzz is picking up and seven podcasts have invited me onto their shows to talk about the book. There are big ones, like Atlas Obscura, Apple’s #1 Travel Podcast. Some are niche, like the Healthy Hoof, the go-to podcast for people interested in hoof care. One of them, Horses in the Morning, is America’s biggest podcast dedicated to equines and is among the oldest daily podcasts in the world. Have a look through the list below and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!

Atlas Obscura

Click here to listen to A Long Walk Home

Atlas Obscura is the grand daddy of travel podcasts, with over 17 million viewers and 1.3 million new ones every month. If you’re in the mood for a great travel yarn about mules – and want to hear me cry – this is the podcast for you. Click here to listen.

Zero to Travel Podcast

Click here to listen to the Zero to Travel podcast

Zero to Travel has been downloaded 10 million-plus times and was named a “Best Travel Podcast” by The Washington Post, Travel + Leisure and Forbes.

Founder and host Jason Moore was a blast to chat with and we talked about:

  • Advice for maintaining a strong relationship while traveling independently
  •  Why it’s important to allow yourself to evolve and thrive through uncertainty 
  •  How an album cover led to a mule cart voyage across Newfoundland
  •  How Travel gives you a stronger connection to home
  •  Why we need to disconnect and spend more time “watching the hive”

Click here to listen.

Horses in the Morning

Horses in the Morning is America’s largest equine podcast and one of the longest daily podcasts in the world. It’s an easy-going podcast that covers all things horse, from show updates and interviews with prominent horse people to the challenges of being a horse husband. It is part of the Horse Radio Network which has over 4 million annual downloads, reaches 140,000 listeners in over 90 countries and features over 13,000 guest interviews.

You can listen to host Glenn the Geek and me chat right here.
Here are the time stamps for the segment:
07:30 – Daily Whinnies
18:30 – Bernie Harberts
38:20 – Marissa Schaffer
49:11 – Realli bAd Adz

The Humble Hoof Podcast

Click here to listen to Riding Mules Cross Country on The Humble Hoof

The Humble Hoof podcast is the go-to source for equine soundness issues and hoof health, from hoof trimming to corrective shoeing. Host Alicia Harlov mostly deals with horses and invited me onto her show to discuss what it’s like to deal with mule feet, from trimming them to fitting them with hoof boots. We talked about:

  • the difference between a horse and a mule’s foot
  • boot tipping for mules
  • the minimalist approach to hoof booting

Click here to listen to my talk with Alicia.

Queen Valley Mule Ranch Podcast

You can tell this was a fun interview because I right) am already laughing. Steve is in the center and that’s facilitator Dave Shrein on the left. Click here to listen.

A podcast and video series just for mule and donkey owners. Host and saddle maker Steve Edwards along with facilitator Dave Shrein discusse all things mule, from saddle fit and how mules are different from horse to how to catch a mule that doesn’t want to be caught. Click here to listen.

Steve and I talked about:

  • techniques for fitting hoof boots to mules (it’s a little different than for horses)
  • saddle fit for mules
  • the important of having patience when working with mules

Steve, Dave and I had a great chat with about as much laughter as you can expect when talking mules (which is a lot of laughing). Click here to listen.

Triangle East Writers

Join Rose Cushing of Triangle East Writers and me as we talk about how I wrote Two Mules to Triumph. I discuss how I kept notes on the road (I kept them in three small notebooks) and how gonzo-cool record producer Rick Rubin inspired me to do what he calls a “ruthless edit” to trim the Two Mules manuscript from 325,00 words to 95,000 (“If you’ve written a book that’s over 300 pages, try to reduce it to less than a hundred without losing its essence” Rick Rubin / The Creative Act / page 387)

Click here to listen to our conversation.

The Offbeat Life Podcast

The Offbeat Life is one of the top podcasts and website for people seeing to combine work and travel or figure out how to lead the life that suits them – not others. Interview has been recorded and link will be posted here when it airs.

Download a Free Copy of my Photo Book

I’d love to give you a free copy of my just-released 134-page photo book 19 Million Mule Steps. The book contains a lot of the material that didn’t fit into my upcoming book Two Mules to Triumph, about my 7 month, 2,300 mile Long Ride from North Carolina to Idaho with my mules Brick and Cracker.


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1 month ago

These were all so fun to listen to!I can’t wait for the new Atlas Obscura Podcast where you share with us your travels to a place harder to reach than the back of beyond! You do have some stories and such a knack of telling them.

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