Welcome to the Land of Lincoln

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, storm cloud, rain, hail, prairie
Welcome to Illinois. Is this the real land of Lincoln?

Yee ha! The mule and I have arrived in Illinois.
Illinois is the third state that claims Abraham Lincoln. He was born in Kentucky but didn’t live there long enough to get on too many road signs. He spent time in Indiana where he got a mention on the state line. But the Illinois Lincoln Marketing Board was smart enough to step up and just claim him. They branded Illinois the Land of Lincoln and that set the perception.
(Disclaimer: I made up all that stuff about the Illinois Lincoln Marketing Board but somebody here was smart enough to brand the state after him. Sorry Kentucky and Indiana.)

Bob Skelding
2019-05-31 18:25:42

I have almost the exact same picture from when I crossed the Wabash river into Illinois with my wagon!

Bernie Harberts
2019-06-01 13:09:48

Ha! Did you come through Vincennes? That would be too cool. Makes me want to go digging through your archives! Life is good on these open roads. After the twisty, turn-y, no-shoulder roads from back East, this is a luxury. You’ll get this having traveled this land in a wagon. Always great to hear from you Bob. I hope things are going great with you out West. Big howdy from the road. Bernie

Lisa Seiler
2019-06-01 23:57:39

So glad we we’re able to meet you and your Beautiful mules… Again the hooves were spectacular and you a pure delight.
Pawnee, Illinois is were we met you.

Bernie Harberts
2019-06-02 22:22:48

Hi Lisa. I sure enjoyed visiting with you and Fred and everyone the other night at Rob and Brooke’s. Always nice to run in to someone who appreciates a good hoof! Not everyone “gets” that. Give a big howdy to everyone from me. Bernie


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Janet DeClerck
Janet DeClerck
4 years ago

I just found your helpful riverearth site to see how your travels are going.
The DeClerck Family met up with you during your travels thru central Illinois, Taylorville, Christian County. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily for safe travels for you, Cracker, and Brick. God Bless I have pics but not sure how to get them to you.

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