Tuesday August 14, 2018

I’ve been posting a series of short videos on how I’m teaching my new mule Brick to picket. Picketing is how you tie your mule out at night while you’re traveling with her. This will be an important skill when Julia, Brick and I take off on our upcoming mule ramble. Here’s Part 2, how we get Brick used to the picket dragging behind her as she grazes.

Here is Part 1 of “Teaching Brick to Leg Picket”.


Saturday August 11, 2018

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A milestone: 1/4 million minutes of streaming in the last month.

Wow. A quarter of a million minutes. That’s how many minutes the Lost Sea Expedition, the TV series about my wagon voyage across America, has streamed on Amazon in the last 4 weeks. That translates in to 13,859 unique streams.

Sooo… a wagon-sized thanks to everyone that’s tuned in to the series. An even bigger thanks to everyone who’s left a review. You can read and leave reviews here. These REALLY help mule Polly and I get the word out.

If you haven’t already, you can stream the series right here on Amazon

Have a great weekend.


Friday August 10, 2018

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Julia and mules Brick, Dusty and Polly. The black things on the mules’ feet are hoof boots.
This week, 3 weeks before we set off on our mule ramble, Julia and I are fitting our mules with boots. No, not the lace up kind or the rubber kind you might imagine. No, not the ones I made out of a dumpster 15 years ago. Rather, these are boots built just for horses and mules. bernie harberts riverearth.com horse mule trailride long distance riding ride out the front gate lost sea expedition
Booting up: the protective boots that keep the mules’ hooves from wearing down too fast on the road. We use Easy Boots (“Glove” model / near) and Renegades (“Classic” model / distant)

This used to be hard. Now it’s easy. My mind goes back to stinky dumpsters, whizzing trucks and California.


Wednesday August 8, 2018

bernie harberts julia carpenter snookie dog mule travel coors beer consideringanimals.com
Shadow cast: Left to Right they are mule Dusty, Julia, mule Brick, me and mule Polly

Carpe Cool. Julia, the critters and I try to be on the trail first thing in the morning while the western North Carolina trails are still cool. Here, we’re riding out behind our house. We try to spend at least one or 2 hours in the saddle every day (Monday – Friday). This helps the animals’ hides – and ours -toughen up for our early September mule ramble.


Wednesday August 8, 2018

Chafe probably isn’t something you worry about a lot. But since I’m about to take off on a saddle trip, it’s been on my mind a lot lately. Here’s a short video of how I dealt with chafe on the “Lost Sea Expedition” wagon voyage across America. It may come in handy if you decide one day to run away in a wagon. Much easier would be to just stream the “Lost Sea Expedition” series on Amazon!


Tuesday August 7, 2018

bernie harberts julia carpenter snookie dog mule travel coors beer consideringanimals.com
Snookie – aka the “Yellow Shadow” – copes with separation anxiety.

Departures are tough. It’s hard to leave your shadow behind. But if you’re a traveler, it’s also important to leave. Julia, who will be joining me for a mule ramble through western North Carolina, muses on what it’s like to ride away from Snookie. Snookie is her dog, her “yellow shadow” aka, “the best dog in the world.” The full photo essay at her Saddle Under the Stars blog.


Monday August 6, 2018

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Mule Polly taking a break on Hurley Butte (South Dakota) on her “Lost Sea Expedition” across America. “The Horse” magazine wrote a great article on how she stayed healthy on her 14 month voyage across America.

Mule Polly and her wagon voyage across America recently featured in “The Horse” magazine. A great article for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to take care of an equine on a long distance voyage. From feet and feed to nose files, “The Horse” covered it. Read the whole article here.


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