Saturday January 6, 2018

bernie harberts lost sea expedition mule polly tiny house public tv rocky mountain pbs
Mule Polly and I welcome you to RiverEarth.com

Welcome to RiverEarth.com. Get comfy. Settle in. Watch the Rocky Mountain PBS series Lost Sea Expedition wagon series about my mule across America.

You can stream it here:
- Amazon FREE with Prime
- Vimeo
Or you can catch a new episode on Rocky Mountain PBS at 8 pm (Mountain Time) every Thursday in January.
In the mood for something else? Read up on some stories from the road, from brushing up on your mule wagon selfie technique to Tasmanian leaches.
Plenty more at LostSeaExpedition.com.


Saturday December 30, 2017

bernie harberts lost sea expedition mule polly tiny house public tv rocky mountain pbs
Enough viewing options to stop a mule in her tracks….

It’s enough to confuse a mule: where to watch the Lost Sea Expedition series, the documentary about mule Polly’s wagon voyage across America. Here, in terms even mule Polly can understand, is the schedule. It all kicks off January 4. Click on through for the full details.


Tuesday December 26, 2017

I was aboard as she was fighting for her life. Hurricane force winds threaten to splinter the ketch Windora‘s 40 year old wood hull. She dragged her anchor and wound up on a submerged rock in South Georgia, the Antarctic island. (Vessel “Braveheart” photo)

“Below 40, there is no Law. Below 50, there is no God.” They saying comes from Southern Ocean voyagers. The 40 is the Roaring Forties, the 50 the Furious Fifties. Has it been a year already since I faced shipwreck on a Southern Ocean rock…?


Wednesday December 20, 2017

bernie harberts lost sea expedition first gen dodge chrismtas wreath 1992 Dodge adventuree
Merry twisted Christmas. Some grape vine Yule time greetings from the grill of my old Dodge.

This Christmas, mule Polly and I are off the road launching the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. Polly’s munching pasture hay and I twisted up some grape vines for a radiator wreath. In recent days, the wreath’s taken on a nautical tilt from highway speeds in winter weather. It reminds me of a Christmas that went sideways on my old sailboat Sea Bird .

Here’s the nautical version of the old Wise Man story.


Monday April 10, 2017

bernie harberts raft pickle barrel barrel raft shanty boat adventure
Caaaarefuuuuullll with those scissors. Polly waits patiently as I trim her forelock for Leatherwood Mule Days. From her calm eye, you can tell she knows there’s a head rub waiting when the job is done.

I sharpened the scissors. I caught mule Polly. Then I trimmed her mane and tail and took a swipe at her toes.
Man, she’s as spiffed up as mule can be for Leatherwood Mule Days. I’m already thinking Coon Jump, pasture camping and starlight dancing.

More over here on my LostSeaExpedition.com site.


Sunday March 26, 2017

bernie harberts raft pickle barrel barrel raft shanty boat adventure
Some voyages include dolphins off the bow (Falkland Islands, Southern Ocean). Others entail pickle barrels lashed up under a deck (western North Carolina). Both are fine ways to escape.

Some days, a man dreams of sailing off in a schooner, dolphins dodging the striker stay. Others, he’s content with a pond and a pickle barrel. It’s okay to aim low when you’re shooting for something big.


Tuesday January 17, 2017

bernie harberts mule polly
Polly takes a break to visit with some young visitors during her walk across the USA. That 14 month voyage became the basis of the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. She’s now hanging out with her old mule buddies in Asheboro, NC. A bit more about Polly right here. (Outside Hulett, Wyoming)

The past weeks have been crazy-hectic here at RiverEarth.com. We’re pulling hard as we can to wrap up post-production on the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. Still, mule Polly, Julia and I wanted to wish you all the best for the new year. Is mid-January too late for that? Nah, I didn’t think so…..
See you out there in 2017. In the meantime, all the Lost Sea Expedition updates are going up here at LostSeaExpedition.com.


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