Thursday June 28, 2018

bernie harberts lost sea expedition mule polly tiny house public tv rocky mountain pbs
Mule Polly and I welcome you to RiverEarth.com

Welcome to RiverEarth.com. It’s home to my (Bernie Harberts’) stories from the road and sea. Get comfy. Settle in. Learn more about my latest project, the Lost Sea Expedition series on Rocky Mountain PBS. It’s about my 14 month mule voyage across America. Plenty more about the series at LostSeaExpedition.com.

bernie harberts lost sea expedition mule polly tiny house public tv rocky mountain pbs

The Lost Sea Expedition is available as a DVD and can also be streamed.

You can order the DVD right here.

You can also stream the series on:


In the mood for something else? Browse the General Store for a mule travel book like Too Proud to Ride a Cow or the 65 Days at Sea DVD.
Or just hang out with me and read some stories from the road, from brushing up on your mule wagon selfie technique to Tasmanian leaches.


Tuesday June 19, 2018

bernie harberts lost sea expedition mule polly tiny house public tv rocky mountain pbs amazon prime streaming solar power off grid
A whole lotta streamin’ goin’ on.

Holy Mule Nation Streaming! Word just in from Amazon Prime that the Lost Sea Expedition, the Rocky Mountain PBS series about my wagon voyage across America, has been streamed more than 100,000 minutes in the last 4 weeks. That’s a wagon load of streaming.

If you haven’t already, you can stream the series right here on Amazon .

If you enjoyed the series, your review would really help. Like oats feed mule Polly, positive reviews feed algorithms. In mule speak, feeding the algorithm puts the series on Amazon’s radar so Amazon starts suggesting folks watch it.

So stream on, friends, stream on! And if you have a sec, please pop over to Amazon to leave that review.


Tuesday May 29, 2018

bernie harberts mule wagon tiny home vardo lost sea expedition letter
A letter for you, straight from the Lost Sea Expedition wagon (Otero County, NM)

Polly’s tied up in the wind to a road sign that says “Pinon Creek Rd” – a road that leads from dust to more wind.

That’s how the letter started. I sent it on its way via a New Mexican gravel truck. Here’s a letter to the outside world straight off the Lost Sea Expedition wagon.


Monday April 23, 2018

A good kerosene lantern makes you wish the power would stay off for a few more lamp lit meals. A bad one makes you gasp and hope like hell the power company gets the lights back on as soon as possible. My experience is the truth lies somewhere between the romance and the smoke.

bernie harberts raft pickle barrel barrel raft shanty boat adventure
Wagon life with a kerosene lantern on a good evening. From the UNC-TV “Mule Rider” TV program.

I’ve messed with a lot of kerosene lanterns in my wagon travels. These three stand out.


Tuesday December 26, 2017

I was aboard as she was fighting for her life. Hurricane force winds threaten to splinter the ketch Windora‘s 40 year old wood hull. She dragged her anchor and wound up on a submerged rock in South Georgia, the Antarctic island. (Vessel “Braveheart” photo)

“Below 40, there is no Law. Below 50, there is no God.” The saying comes from Southern Ocean voyagers. The 40 is the Roaring Forties, the 50 the Furious Fifties. Has it been a year already since I faced shipwreck on a Southern Ocean rock…?


Sunday March 26, 2017

bernie harberts raft pickle barrel barrel raft shanty boat adventure
Some voyages include dolphins off the bow (Falkland Islands, Southern Ocean). Others entail pickle barrels lashed up under a deck (western North Carolina). Both are fine ways to escape.

Some days, a man dreams of sailing off in a schooner, dolphins dodging the striker stay. Others, he’s content with a pond and a pickle barrel. It’s okay to aim low when you’re shooting for something big.


Tuesday September 13, 2016

falkland islands bernie harberts Windora Phil Lynda Christiesen
The Falklands are sparsely populated. These king penguins saw us off on our voyage in to the Southern Ocean. We will be sailing aboard Windora the wood ketch anchored off the beach.

The day has come to put to sea. Tomorrow I sail from Stanley, in the Falklands Islands, to South Georgia island, off Antarctica. I’ll be traveling aboard Windora. She belongs to my friends Phil and Lynda Christiesen. We met years ago in New Zealand. It may be a while until you hear from me.


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