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Winter 2014 "Hoofing It" Programs

Gulp! Woody and Maggie pause to gawk at a traveler in distress. This time it’s Jonah “swallowed” by a whale in Granite Fall, NC. The two (pony and mule, not boy and whale) walked across North Carolina – and the USA – a while back. You can learn about this voyage at one of the following “Hoofing It” programs.

So you left Christmas in the dust. Made some resolutions but back slid moments after 2014 kicked off. Now you’ve got… Continue reading

Upcoming Hoofing It programs

Sap’s rising and you’re getting the urge to hit the road like back in the day when all it took was a stick and a hankie. Sure, those hobo days are romanticized but face it, the older you get, the more reasons you come up with to stay put.

Still, every year, you wonder. If you don’t run away this year, will you ever?

Hoofing It Night #1: Mule Woody, the mule that traveled with me across North Carolina –… Continue reading

Too Proud To Ride A Cow Original

Read previews from "Too Proud" – click here

Too Proud To Ride A Cow

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Paper back version $16.95. (shipping just $3.95 to any US location)

Kindle version $2.99. No shipping charge. Download your digital copy here.

After spending almost 5 years sailing alone around the world, Bernie Harberts arrived home a prisoner of the very independence he’d worked so hard to cultivate.

Harberts decided it was time to let people back in his… Continue reading

"Too Proud to Ride a Cow" in Digital Form

The book “Too Proud to Ride a Cow” the way is used to be. You could buy a copy at a store or online. Or even off my wagon. Now there’s a new way. “Too Proud” is available in digital form.

Used to be, if you wanted a copy of “Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, my account of traveling across America by mule, you bought a copy at the bookstore or ordered it from the RiverEarth General Store. If… Continue reading

Woody and Maggie Walk Across America Original

Woody and Maggie Walk Across America

“Woody and Maggie Walk Across America” is an account of Bernie’s cross-country mule and pony adventure. The 40-page, full color, hard cover children’s book is written for 5 to 10-year-old readers. Join Bernie, Woody and Maggie to discover:

  • What Bernie found unusual about each state
  • What Woody and Maggie imagined about each state
  • How the three lived from day to day.

Exercises at the end of the book help children find their way across… Continue reading

Journey's End – and an Offer

Hitching-up-time (but not much longer)
Outside Artesia, New Mexico

Holy wagon tongue Pilgrims, it’s happening! Yep, together, we’ve traveled 2500 miles, 13 months, through 10 states and 4 seasons. We’ve cooked Kansas rattlesnakes , slogged through snow and gone down a mosasaur’s throat. And now our Canada to Mexico wagon voyage is coming to an end.

Mexico is coming into view. From here in Artesia, New Mexico it’s under 200 miles, or 4 weeks by wagon, away.

200 miles from… Continue reading

UNC-TV to Feature "Too Proud to Ride a Cow" Book

“Too Proud to Ride a Cow”
By Mule Across America

UNC-TV will feature “Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, the account of Bernie’s last coast-to-coast mule voyage, on “North Carolina Bookwatch”. Click here to see when you can hear Bernie explain how, as an author, mule Woody wasn’t the only thing he had to tie down…

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Bernie's Appearances

Bernie and his critters often take their show on the road. Browse the dates and times below a program near you.

Product Review
“Too Proud to Ride a Cow”
Hill City, SD


*Tuesday, April 13
“Hoofing It: By Mule Across North Carolina”
E. Lincoln Fire Dept.
on S. Pilot Knob Road
Denver, NC
7:00 pm
The Friends of the Florence Soule Shanklin Memorial Library and the NC Humanities Council present “Hoofing It”, the North Carolina segment of Bernie’s coast-to-coast… Continue reading

A Copy of "Too Proud" Straight off the Mule Wagon

Polly and Bernie enjoy a copy of “Too Proud”
Hill City, SD

Adventure, mules, philosophy, adrenaline and companionship – all just a click and a book away. That’s right, “Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, the account of mule Woody’s 3,500-mile coast-to-coast adventure, is ready for ordering. Polly sure enjoyed her sneak peak.
Now take yours…

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