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2009 may have been the year I completed the Lost Sea Expedition, my Canada to Mexico wagon trek, but the trip isn’t over.

For that, I’ll need a good chunk of 2010.

In the course of the 2,500 mile, 10-state voyage, I shot over 6,500 minutes of Hi-Def film footage. Accompanied by a similiar amount of audio recordings. Now, it’s time to put this store of footage into a documentary film.

This is gonna be loud: Interviewing a Nebraska thunderhead… Continue reading

The Completed Lost Sea Expedition Route

The Lost Sea
75-million years ago

The goal of the Lost Sea Expedition was to travel the seabed of the Mediterranean-sized sea that covered the Great Plains 75-million years ago. Just me and a hearty mule named Polly pulling a small wagon filled with recording gear.

The Completed Lost Sea Expedition Route

The voyage began in Neptune, Saskatchewan. That’s about the only thing that went according to plan. What was supposed to be a 6-month trip spanned 2 calendar years.… Continue reading

The Bull 'n Lime story with Trent Loos

Last week, I spoke of what I’ve come to refer as the Bull ‘n Lime incident. That’s were a bull chased me onto my wagon pursuing Polly’s last flake of alfalfa hay.

The Bull ‘n Lime Incident
Russel Gap, New Mexico

Here to explain how hay, whiskey and limes almost brought the Lost Sea Expedition to an early close is Trent Loos. Trent is the host of the daily “Loos Tales” radio program. For the past 2 years, we’ve been… Continue reading

Journey Down a Mule's Throat

Traveling by mule wagon across the Great Plains, under what used to be a 1000-foot deep sea, it’s hard to imagine what the vanished marine inhabitants looked like. Still, given what I have on hand, one mule and some photos of a mosasaur skull, I’ll try. Today, we’ll look at the mosasaur’s head, in particuler, the structure of its mouth.

Polly on the Lost Sea seabed
Lake Alma, Saskatchewan, Canada

To review, the mosasaur was a marine lizard that swam… Continue reading

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