Journey Down a Mule's Throat

Traveling by mule wagon across the Great Plains, under what used to be a 1000-foot deep sea, it’s hard to imagine what the vanished marine inhabitants looked like. Still, given what I have on hand, one mule and some photos of a mosasaur skull, I’ll try. Today, we’ll look at the mosasaur’s head, in particuler, the structure of its mouth.

Polly on the Lost Sea seabed
Lake Alma, Saskatchewan, Canada

To review, the mosasaur was a marine lizard that swam… Continue reading

Journey's End – and an Offer

Hitching-up-time (but not much longer)
Outside Artesia, New Mexico

Holy wagon tongue Pilgrims, it’s happening! Yep, together, we’ve traveled 2500 miles, 13 months, through 10 states and 4 seasons. We’ve cooked Kansas rattlesnakes , slogged through snow and gone down a mosasaur’s throat. And now our Canada to Mexico wagon voyage is coming to an end.

Mexico is coming into view. From here in Artesia, New Mexico it’s under 200 miles, or 4 weeks by wagon, away.

200 miles from… Continue reading

Crow Fires

Hitching-up-time (but not much longer)
Outside Artesia, New Mexico

In coming weeks, mule Polly and I tackle the final miles of the Lost Sea Expedition. Click here to find out how you can get a piece of the voyage before it wraps up….

Fire Source: New Mexico Crow
Maljamar, New Mexico

Also, these final miles have turned up some crows with pyro-suicidal nesting habits. Click here for the flaming feathered story… Also, we have a position report straight from the wagon atlas….

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New Mexico Position Report

As of February 12, Mule Polly and the Lost Sea wagon have crossed into New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment – also known as The Land Where Crows Burn up the Prairie.

Progress to date
Artesia, New Mexico

From Artesia, the Expedition heads for Dell City, Texas, then Fort Hancock on the Mexican border

New Mexico

But first, man and mule take a day of rest.

Polly rests
Artesia, New Mexico

The Lost Sea According to the Bible and Joe Taylor

Creationist Joe Taylor
Crosbyton, Texas

Why are the Great Plains covered in marine fossils? Creationist Joe Taylor says the answer can only be answered by the Biblical story. Click here to listen to Joe explain….
Also, if you’re wondering how far mule Polly has dragged her wagon in the 13 months we’ve been on the road then click here for a look at the wagon atlas…

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Where in the Lost Sea has Mule Mule Polly Been?

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with where mule Polly has pulled the Lost Sea wagon. We’re crossing the Lost Sea, after all, right? To guide us, mule Polly rely on old fashioned paper maps. Nope, you won’t find any of those digitally sterile online computer maps here. Rather, you’ll find a photograph of the wrinkled atlas that’s bounced through hail, snow, dust devils, herds of antelope and three pickled prairie shrimp.

Below is a photo of our wagon map… Continue reading

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