Where in the Lost Sea has Mule Mule Polly Been?

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with where mule Polly has pulled the Lost Sea wagon. We’re crossing the Lost Sea, after all, right? To guide us, mule Polly rely on old fashioned paper maps. Nope, you won’t find any of those digitally sterile online computer maps here. Rather, you’ll find a photograph of the wrinkled atlas that’s bounced through hail, snow, dust devils, herds of antelope and three pickled prairie shrimp.

Below is a photo of our wagon map showing progress from Neptune, Saskatchewan to Lorenzo, Texas.

From Neptune, Saskatchewan to Lorenzo, Texas
2000 miles
9 states
13 months

Here’s a closeup view of Texas.

Texas Progress as of January 20, 2009

Currently in Lorenzo, Texas, we’re bracing for the Chihuahua Desert ahead. Final destination? We’re thinking a run into Artesia, New Mexico is in order. Then it’s south for Porvenir on the Mexican border. Hang on pilgrims!


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